Zumba® Fitness Classes ....Just SMILE and MOVE!TM

The Basic Steps


Zumba requires little to no equipment other than fun music and a pair of shoes that will let you spin without hurting your knees.

If you have dance shoes, fantastic, put them on.  If not, no sweat. Get a pair of Slip-On Dancers that will fit over shoes you already own HERE or on Amazon so when you move your hips, your feet twist too.  If you're going to be practicing Zumba moves on carpet, get a pair of Carpet Dancers from Slip-On Dancers to help you twist.

Please don't dance in socks, it's very hard on your feet.

OK now to the moves: 

Zumba® is all about variations on simple steps. Check out this video with Tania Amthor where she goes over the basics
  • 5 basic Salsa Steps
  • 3 Merengue steps
  • 3 Hip Hop/ Reggaeton Steps
  • 2 Cumbia Steps
  • 1 Samba Step
The large majority of every song is a combination of these steps.

As always, look for the pattern. Every time the verse comes, we do the verse move. Every time the chorus comes, we do the chorus move. There's no "right" way to dance so REMEMBER- IF YOU'RE MOVING, YOU'RE DOING IT RIGHT!

Many students as about Samba. Check out this video. Fantastic!